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I Remember Now

Authors L Filipe dos Santos (illustration)
Wilson F. (text and translation)
Language Portuguese, with English attached
Dimensions A5 (210x148mm)
No. of pages 32
Interior 100g paper, digital color printed
Content Illustrations & Texts
Cover Silkscreen printing with Gocco, two colors.
300g, paper.
English version A6 book, attached.
Printing run 150 copies (all numbered)
Year 2014
ISBN 978-989-20-4421-7
Price 13€ + shipping

About this book

I remember now. The old days. Memories that don’t belong to me, songs with no specific voice. A thought, a chant, ancient pictures, people stolen from stories built patiently by the fireplace. People made up from real life.

I remember now. A burning fire. Listening to simple things. Not noticing time, not grasping time. Waiting, being patient. Pausing, looking within. Nothing else. Pausing. An instant. Holding my eyes still over these pictures, over these people. Nothing else. Waiting.

I remember now: a warm fireplace long, long ago, nothing else.

Important: Even though this book is written in Portuguese, due to the demand, we decided to make an extra to all our international buyers and attach a small handmade book with all the texts translated into English by the author.

Rouxinol, the song

From the text featured on page 18, the writer, Wilson F., decided to create something more and made Rouxinol, a song that he himself composed and interpreted. Rouxinol is the book's debut music single.

Book quotation

"They don’t let me sleep. I wish I could close my eyes and take a rest, but I can’t, there’s always chatting, little noises, and I have such a light sleep. This chatting is inside my head, during the day I don’t mind it, it doesn’t bother me, it’s kind of a company, I don’t feel so lonely. At night, however, I would appreciate if they went quiet for a while. But no way, blah blah blah blah, talking about what?, I don’t even know, it sounds like tapes with old conversations, or perhaps conversations that didn’t happen, maybe they didn’t happen yet, how do we know what’s going to happen? (...)"

I Remember Now, page 22.
Lembrei-me Agora

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